add folder locations to the Location Tree when saving and loading VST presets?

Is there a way to customize the Location Tree in the media bay to add folders other than the default folder you are forced to save VST presets in?

I am trying to save VST presets to the Project/Session specific folder. Example of why: If I’m working on a project, sometimes I want to maybe have 5 different sounds for the lead synth that I want to audition and switch between quickly, and I know I will only ever use those preset settings in that specific project and never use them anywhere else.

Sometimes the difference between presets might be one or two knob twists when Im working out a sound on a vst instrument. If I continue working the way I work in Cubase (im new to cubase), I’ll have way too many presets to sort through in a pretty short order of time .

I basically want to save the presets like Pro Tools allows you to do with their AAX plugins.They give you a choice to save it to the universal folder, similar to the way Cubase is set up, but they also give you the choice to save the preset into the session file, so that once you move on to another session that preset you created isn’t sitting in the universal folder and just basically adding clutter to your standard preset collection.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find workarounds but its not looking good so far. Any suggestions on a workaround that comes anywhere close to the minimal mouse movements and keyboard clicks that Pro Tools requires to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Also it would be great if reloading the vst instrument is not involved at any point in the process as this would be a workflow killer. Right now I have about 3 workarounds methods that all involve loading the instrument and then doing some extra clicking and stuff (and none of the extra clicking can be macro’d really). They are so cumbersome and time consuming that they aren’t even worth going into intense detail about them, but they involved export selected track and importing them back when needed, or making tracks disables and throwing them in a hidden folder I can reload them later. The third, I was trying to game the media bay system by creating folders inside the limited area the preset menu lets you creat them in. Thats probably the worst messiest workaround of the three.