Add Force duration to applies also to Pianoroll

Add Force duration to applies also to Pianoroll. editing music in pianoroll side is somecases faster. and if i need convert some reasons 1/4 notes in 12/8 to single notes some places where they normally go two tied 1/8 notes. if i need rewrite part of music such way (using 1/4 notes in way where none of them is marked as 1/8 (in some measures) even time signature is 12/8). is very slow using note view unlike pianoroll. if allready works what i doing wrong becouse now i selected forceduration and then go draw notes to pianoroll not apply to them.

If you hit O to engage Force Duration for the selected note, any edits you make in the piano roll will respect the existing forced duration of the note, the same as changing its duration with the number keys or lengthening or shortening it with Shift+Alt+left/right arrow.

at least here i cannot replace 1/4 note what is writed in 1/8 tied notes becouse time signature and its position with 1/4 note. only way is change it 1/8 note and change this to 1/4. with key sequence o 5 6 I think.

somehow even force duration is on piano roll does 1/4 notes in some positions (beat related ones) in 12/8 with two 1/8 tied together. i understanded it should not. luckily i have way do what i want do with these shortcuts but still easier is better.