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To duplicate (copy and paste) a plugin in Wavelab Pro 12, I know the technique of saving the plugin setting, then opening the plugin again and selecting the saved setting… But it takes too long.
With Reaper: I click on the plugin, hold down CTRL and move the mouse down, then release. And that’s it. An invaluable time-saver.
Then I can select these two plug-ins and listen to them alternately by pressing CTRL+B. So I close my eyes, and listen alternately (Ctrl+B) to see which of these two plugins has the best setting. This is ideal if you don’t want to be swayed into believing that the last setting (or plugin) is the better of the two.

I only wish Wavelab could do the same (duplicate a plugin with all its settings and listen to the 2 plugins alternately).

Is it possible to add these two functions?

Thanks for your help.


I don’t know about the Master Section because I don’t use it but within the Inspector of an Audio Montage, you can quickly and easily copy and paste one or more plugins without having to save their settings as a preset:

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All right, that’s good enough. What about listening to the 2 plugins alternately to compare them?

I don’t know that WaveLab has the elegant solution that REAPER has for this, but many plugins now have an internal A/B scene that you can switch between right inside the plugin itself.

That’s why I’m asking for this function to be added, as I think it’s essential. Thank you very much for your answers.

Well with a montage … set it up at the plugin settings you like initially. Then create new (exact duplicate). Try out different plugin settings and envelopes etc. It’s only a couple of clicks and you might even be able to make a shortcut for that (I haven’t looked).

It’s actually pretty quick and if you are working quickly it also has the advantage that you don’t accidentally save the wrong setting.