Add Gainstageing directly to the chanels

Currently to gainstage without moving the main fader we have to open the channel settings. Please add gainstageing fader directly on the track ideally directly where the meter is. Hovering over it and scrolling the mouse would adjust the Pre-gain levels.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 135055


Great ideia!

I agree with having the control somewhere but probably not where you have it showing:

I would probably expand this request to include other functions that are found in the inspector. I know many have requested seeing sends for example since that makes it quicker to adjust a send level of a specific track without having to first select it and then move to the inspector or channel window.

Since I would also like to see output level included as well then intuitively I would have input on the left and output on the right. After all, that’s how time and signals typically flow - left to right.

So perhaps we should create a list of what users would like to see in the section you’re talking about. Pre-gain, output level, send levels (including mutes)… those I would like to see there.

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