Add Global Day/Night skin fader in Appearance Preference

The current trend for modern DAWs seem to be the darker “night worker” type themes and I think we can all agree, Cubase has one of the coolest in the industry.

Although, as a day worker, I have found that even dark themes can still be used in studios with tons of ambient sunlight shining through the windows, as long as they have a high black to white contrast ratio, like in NI Massive for example.

In the Cubase theme, I often find myself trying to coax the limited options in the Appearance menu to try and get the fonts to pop out a little more during daylight hours but they just don’t quite give me enough contrast for my studio.

Please add Global Contrast to Appearance so that, with a single mouse maneuver;

Black fonts over dark grey backgrounds can be faded to light grey backgrounds. And,
White fonts over light grey backgrounds can be faded to dark grey backgrounds.

Both of these should happen Simultaneously. This would be just enough to solve my problem without bastardizing the already beyond cool theme in Cubase.

It wouldn’t effect the customized color selections current users have already modified. And we could all still go back to the classic Cubase night worker theme be simply utilizing the quick and easy new Global Contrast option in Preferences.

+1 for sure. I would even like it to have some optional auto functions available (similar to the android “Twilight” app).

Regards :sunglasses: