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Add GPU support in Cubase 7 MIXER

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I want to know if Steinberg consider to add GPU into MIXER interface for realtime view.

The mixer is tooooo slow when I using HALION4 with more than 6 chanels with I7 3770 processor and 16GB RAM and Nvidia quadro 2000.

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I agree with you. Now explain what does it mean to “add GPU”. Not everyone is computer specialist.

i guess it means utilizing the GPU (“graphic processor unit” its on the video card) to process the graphics of mixconsole instead of computers CPU doing it and taking its resources.
EDIT: but u are right serenity its a poll so it should be explained so everyone understand it to be able to vote

Sorry for summary information.

GPU it is o graphic processor. Every PC have now a decent graphic card to use GPU, to let cubase to use CPU for many VST, wave recording and add many effects in real time.

Mixing console, my opinion, is very important to process and view in REALTIME.


Seems like a very reasonable request. It’s effectively extra ‘free’ CPU horsepower, albeit from your graphics processor, rather than your Intel x86 main processor.

In the world of video editing, nVidia ‘CUDA’ enabled graphics adaptors have given some significant performance gains to users of recent ‘Mercury engine’ versions of Premiere. If it can do this much for video, the benefits for audio (it having lower data throughput requirements) should be even greater.

Of course, the manufacturers of proprietary ‘powered plug-in’ solutions (UAD, Soundscape, Protools HD etc.) might not be so keen. Many quite low-end nVidia cards have considerable GPU grunt available for not much cash.

Certainly I’d welcome a comment from Steinberg as to whether they have looked at this technology, and whether they can see benefits to us users.

Is this relevant to the sort of low-powered passively-cooled video cards we choose for a DAW?

Cubase links OpenGL (at least in the WIndows build) so I a guessing SB is leveraging the GPU where it can.

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You mean the pimple-powered loser video cards that chumps like you decide to put into their so-called DAWs?


ATI 6950 here…because there’s fun after you’re done* :laughing:

* quoted the great Lord Snarebottom there. I hope he doesn’t mind.

doesnt Windows already use the GPU to accelerate graphics?

Would this not require Steinberg to specially code for every flavour of video card?

I doubled the video ram in my system and this seems to help speed up things.

Maybe it’s a Halion issue? (I don’t use it, I’m a Kontakt guy all the time…)

I have a beefy nVidia GTX680, which drives three monitors, two of which displaying mixers and plugins. I’ve never experienced any slowdowns on any of the monitors, everything is pretty damned snappy. Incidentally, today’s nVidia’s have exceptionally silent fans, so I would definitely trade the whisper of a fan for incredibly responsive graphics. My VEP slaves use integrated graphics and while adequate, they’re not nearly as responsive, graphic-wise. But then again, I don’t use three monitors with them and Cubase only runs on my main computer.

Yes it does, if the GPU chip/graphics card manufacturer has written a driver wich uses GPU instead of CPU. In most cases the problem is people buying these “game cards” with great 3D performance but horrible 2D performance. If graphics interface manufacturer was too lazy to write a driver which implements Windows GDI API on hardware, it’s not Steinberg’s fault.

Your mixer console with more than 6 big vst instruments VU-meter works in real time ?

I believe if SB puts cubase to use GPU in additional to CPU (Like some bitcoin miners) in order so save resources will be great :imp:

I remember that some years ago I’v change setting in nVidia driver, to better handle od 2D. Or maybe Im wrong.
MixConsole is slow on my 2560x1440. I think mixer from Cubase 6.5.4 was no problem with slow graphics…why ?

More stuff in the newer mixer?

Yes. But it looks like 6.5 was a 2D graphics, then 7 looks like “vector”, rendering in real time 3D or something (Im not a graphic specialist, just a gamer). Maybe MixConsole really need a boost from my powerfull nVidia GTX 660 ?

Yes, I do hope they take the plunge into full accelerated graphics support.

Fabfilter just made this switch in their products – all OpenGL / GPU enhanced. It seems to make things smoother. I think Waves also uses OpenGL calls in some of their plugins. OpenGL (instead of Microsoft Direct3d) being the cross-platform choice, so it’s likely we’d see this direction with Cubase if they adopt it.

I think it might even help some of those audio engine spikes, as there could potentially be less burden on the CPU when dragging objects and scrollbars far and fast, etc.

The current Mix Console UI reveals some redraw bugs on my system. No big deal, just certain parts of the interface don’t redraw correctly on mouse-overs (I have the latest drivers, etc.). A move to OpenGL would likely fix these kind of issues. But, it would move some of the problems, support and troubleshooting responsibility to 3rd party graphic card drivers.

I still think the benefits outweigh the risks. Modern video cards by AMD and Nvidia have very mature and stable drivers now (for the kind of simple 2d accelerated graphics calls Cubase would do).

I wonder why ProTools mixer doesn’t lagging on todays 3D graphic cards ?