Add group channel to selected challenge - projectwindow

Ok, this is me trying to be as specific as I can. The functionality added to the mixer to enhance workflow - especially on right click - have not been added to the same places in the project window - so for usability this will improve a lot.

See attached screenshot. The marked options are not awailable in project window, where they will serve equally well as workflow improvements.

Some more discussion around same lines here;

As in that thread, +1 from me.

The silly thing is that much of that functionality is actually there in the background. It’s just not included in the menus. For instance, these commands exist: Project - Move Selected Tracks To New Folder command; Mixer - Add Track To Selected: Group Channel; and Mixer - Add Track To Selected: VCA Fader. And there are default macros that combine these, but don’t have shortcut keys assigned. So you can set up a shortcut to do this. BUT the question remains — why are Steinberg developing two completely different menu structures for tasks that are common to both Mixer and Project views?

It would also be nice to create a Group adjacent to the tracks, instead of at the bottom of the page.

It would also be nice to assign commands/macros to the right-click menu wherever you want them - ie user-customisable menus.