Add group channel under a selected channel

Everytime I have big projects when I add a group track I have to scroll to search and afterwards to take it to the position I originally had in mind.

Is there a way to create it under a selected channel?


We would like to have it…

This has been brought up pretty much every release I can remember … PUT THE TRACK UNDER THE SELECTED TRACK PLEASE…

But, it’s probably got something to do with the track routing architecture … don’t get me started on that.

It’s maddening… I’m glad that they implemented "add group/fx to selected tracks but I still hate scrolling .to the bottom every time. A simple checkbox option for placing the group or fx channel after the last selected track needs to happen. P.s. sorry for the bizarre grammatical errors; my basic android has a real tough time on this forum.

Put your group folder in the middle, then you only have to scroll half as far :laughing:

HAHA I do… it still sucks.

Also, why can’t we move tracks IN THE MIXER?

The lack of that feature is disturbing.


just move the group track outside of his folder and put it near the track you want !

“Just move…” is not really a time-saving operation when you need to work fast and mix 2 songs in 10 hours. Believe me…!

Or upwards near 120 tracks per songfor a full album to mix.

It’s crazy that is still not implemented. I hate chasing around my newly created groups so much. :angry:

It is implemented by now - learn your software!

Really? :astonished: Please, where, how? :slight_smile:

Cubase Pro 9.5 “add track” “group channel” “outside group folder”.
Puts the group underneath the selected track

Ah, I went back on 9.0 because of the mixer history bug in 9.5. Although I have that same option in 9.0 it doesn’t quite work for me as it create group in the bottom.

Thx for the reply anyway, at least I have to look forward for one more great feature in 9.5 when mixer gets sorted out in the next update. :smiley: