"Add Group To Selected Channels" puts Group in the Group folder area when you specify "Create Outside Folder".

Issue: When you create a group from selected tracks and specify its placement to be outside the Group folder (i.e. next to whatever you’ve selected), the new Group still goes to the end of the Group area.

Repro: Select any amount of tracks in the Mixer (you still can’t do this in the Project Window, which is a whole separate issue), right click and select “Add Group Channel From Selected Channels”, then select “Create Outside Folder” and hit “Add Track”. The new Group goes all the way at the end of the Group folder instead of outside of the Group folder. This is especially fun when you’re working with a 400+ track orchestral template or large mix.

Is this in Ver 9.5 or 10?

I ran in a small test in Ver I created a test project with 10 stereo audio tracks and 10 empty MIDI track. Selected Audio Track 3-7 and did “Add Group to selected tracks” from the Mixer, “Outside Folder.” It worked correctly. The Group was created directly after the selected audio tracks and not in the Group Tracks Folder. So, sorry you’re having this issue, but my very basic test seemed to show Cubase 10 working correctly with regard to Inside/Outside Folder Group track creation. Good luck. :frowning:

This is in 10. Interesting! Might be plugin conflict causing the issue, perhaps.