Add Instant Export to export window


I’m happy with all that is going on in the new export window. Lots of ideas but probably needs some tweaking. On thing that annoys me the most is not to have an export button that would avoid me to add a job in the queue before export that queue… just like the old time please add a “export” Button maybe renamed Direct Export or Fast Export.
If you want to create queue good (and it’s very usefull) But sometime I create my queue… change my mind for another export folder, set it, pres exprt and realize later files are in wrong folder because was stored in the queue… same for naming. I was more efficient sometime with just one export button.

and while we’re at it please please please add option OPEN EXPORT FOLDER !
there’s not a single export I do without going to the folder afterward… don’t you ?

(add FTP option to export to remote FTP. That would be sick for backups and clients… anyway lots to do in that window.)