Add Instrument Browser Window Corrupted

Today, for the first time, When I hit Alt-I or Project>add track>instrument - instead of the normal initial instrument dialog panel, I’m getting the large browser window, but the top of the window with the Browse button and the instrument dropdown is gone. Can’t click the browse button to close the browser. Can’t load any new instruments. Can’t seem to reconfigure the window. Have I set a preference wrong or something. Can’t find anything in the manual that addresses this. Anybody have any ideas???

A large browser window you say??
Maybe that big button with Browse written on it has something to do with it :mrgreen:

There is no “brouse” button. This is what I get. Its showing VST preset options, but not the add instrument box/menu it should.

This window is the open instrument from preset Window.
Are you absolutely sure you’re selecting just Add Instrument rather than this.

Check your Alt-I key command (this is show/hide inspector on my system which I assume is default)

Grim: Thanks for the suggestion. I have checked and alt-i is properly set to add track - instrument. In fact, I don’t see any command for “open instrument from preset”…?

I checked over here and if I open track from preset it actually says this at the top while yours does say add instrument track…so I guess something has got corrupted on your system.

You could try Cubase safe mode to see if it’s preferences corruption…if not maybe a reinstall is needed.