Add Instrument Track Dialog and NI VSTi

I recently installed Native Instruments Ultimate 10. In Cubase Pro 8.5, I can open Plug-in Manager and see all the NI instruments, Content, and FX. However, in any project, if I try to add an instrument from either the track section “+” sign, or from the rack using the Add Track Instrument button, the Add Instrument Track dialog doesn’t show me the NI plugins. Only the Steinberg plugins and sound content.

The function worked at one time because I was able to add a 3rd party FM synth instrument to a demo project, prior to installing the NI instruments.

In looking online to figure this out, I see references that the “Add Track Instrument” dialog should contain and “Instrument” field that let’s me browse the instruments I have installed. This field is blank. See attached PDF.

I think I must be doing something wrong since one part of Cubase knows about the NI plugins but the critical part that should allow me to add an instrument track to a project doesn’t see them.

Any ideas?
VST Instrument Browser Issue.jpg


Click the Browse button to hide the filters.
Then you will be able to load NI instruments and choose a patch from within the instrument itself.

NI instrument presets will only show in media bay if you save them as a track preset. You would have to do that one by one, which is lot of work and not worth it given the amount of presets.

Doh! Right in front of me all this time. Misohoza, thanks so much and also for the tip about browsing limitation in Media Bay and the presets.

Best Regards!