Add instrument track issue since 8.5.15

For as long as I can remember when right clicking and selecting “add instrument track” a pop up came to select a VSTi and this would be in the top portion of the VSTi instruments window. Since updating when I right click and select add instrument track I get the Steinberg add instrument browser which only has a few of my plug ins and default preset for said instruments. Is there some setting that got changed causing this? Or a bug? I’d much rather have it the old way thank you very much. I don’t like this pool method as its rather useless to me. Also please please please fix the add new track from preset functiinality as well because that doesn’t work either.

I had this symptom too. I couldn’t get any new VST instruments to be recognised either, even though the path was set.

I had got to this point through a few years of in-place upgrades, so decided to bite the bullet and download the full 9Gb install file and start fresh.

…and now it’s back to how it used to be, but with the current Cubase version.

It’s pretty annoying that this took a couple of evening’s diagnosis, and a month’s download quota though.

I can load Vst no problem, just not with right click “add Instrument track” I just checked again to make sure i was in the right place and answered my own question… Seems adding instrument track opens the instrument browser now… i clicked browse again and the window flood up back to just the drop down menu where you can select any of your VST. a bit annoying that it open like this … maybe a save with it closed will do the trick