Add Instrument track with Autohotkey


I’m trying to add an instrument track with autohotkey. The shortcut in Cubase 10.5.20 is ctrl+alt+a. For some reason I do not get this to work.
Other scripts work fine. I’m using autohotkey version V1.1.33.02. Can anyone give me some tips to get this to work? It has something to do with the ctrl and alt keys. I try not to change the shortcut key in cubase.

My current script:
#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
F13:: ; when pressing F13 add instrument track
Send, ^!a ;Send ctr+alt+a, tried Send, {Ctrl down}{Alt down}a{Ctrl up}{Alt up} but it did not work.

Why I want this? It is a part of a bigger script and this one did not work.

Kind regards,
Neve Y

So nobody has this working? Add an instrument track with Autohotkey?

Any help would be appreciated.