Add interval note playback?

I searched for this in the forum, but no luck. Is there a way to play the note added by the add interval popover? If not, it would be a nice addition.


What do you mean? Perhaps preview it? That would be difficult as the same popover is used to transpose and map pitches to other scales.

yes, the same way we can hear the note when adding it by name instead of by interval.

It’s always nice to have audible feedback, but I doubt it would be technically possible. What you input in a popover like Shift-I isn’t evaluated until you hit Enter.
It would be quite annoying if you’d hear random sounds while still typing an incomplete instruction. And what sounds would be helpful when adding an interval to a longer passage? I’d rather not having the popover play the entire passage on every keystroke.

I would only expect the feedback once I commit with enter, in other words, when the note(s) actually appear(s). But you made me realize and I totally agree for other situations like adding intervals to multiple selections and parts, it would be awkward and not really useful…

You could just arrow down & up to play the note below followed by the new note.
(Adjust arrow directions as needed.)

Another approach: With K for pitch-before duration, and Q for chord mode, you can hear and see pitches before you add them. (This requires matching the duration when you enter, because L for lock to duration prevents K-mode from sounding.)

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