Add Interval popover in a microtonal context does not work

I don’t think I’m the only one concerned, but I don’t find any thread about the issue described in the title:
Is there a way to add an interval with popover in a microtonal context?
Thanks in advance.

I guess we need chord mode (Q) for this. Unless I’m missing something.

You can do this in the intervals popover. I’ll quote some notes from the developer who did this work:

You can also transpose or add notes in non-Western tuning systems. Here, you must specify the interval degree followed by the number of divisions. For example, if you’re in 53ET, you can type “2nd 8 divisions” to transpose up a second and 8/53 divisions. “d”, “div”, “divs”, “division” and “divisions” will all be understood for divisions. You can also type “s”, “st”, “sts”, “semi”, “semis”, “semitone” or “semitones” if you want to transpose by semitones, or “q”, “qt”, “quartertone” or “quartertones” if you want to transpose by quarter-tones, though clearly these will only work in 12ET and 24ET respecitvely. For example, if you have a C natural and you type “5th 7 semitones”, the note will transpose up five note names and seven semitones to a G natural.


Yes it works. I’ve been doing some tests and with a little practice, it is quite usable (a little tricky though).
… but no clue in the official documentation.
Thank you for your time.

It’s listed in the transposition table but not the adding intervals table. I made a note earlier to review this.

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This has now been added to the note tools popover documentation.