Add Key Command

Add Key Command is always greyed out under Preferences. I have in fact never seen it activated.

You have to type what you want your key command to be in the box, and then once it recognizes what you’ve typed, it gives you the option to add it.


I think my problem is similar. I can’t figure out how to type in a short cut so Dorico will let me save it. I can’t get the cursor into the black box where I think I’m supposed to put in the shortcut. Here is what I see:

EDIT: And apparently the jump bar alias won’t work until you have a real shortcut defined, right? I added “jrr” as the Jump Bar alias for Edit > Remove Rests. It is saved there. But it doesn’t work since I can’t get a “proper” shortcut inputted for this menu item.

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I think you are missing step 5: you have to click in the box [input field] under the “Press shortcut” button, as explained in the manual:

1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-, to open Preferences.
2. In the category list, click Key Commands.
3. Search for the name of a function and select it.

For particularly long names, you can hover over them to see a tool tip.

4. Optional: If the function already has an assigned key command, click Remove Key Command in the Key Commandssection.

If you assign a new key command without removing an existing one, you can use either key command.

5. Click the Press shortcut input field.
6. On your computer keyboard, press the key command that you want to assign.
7. Click Add Key Command.

If the key command you pressed is already used by another function, a warning is displayed.

8. Click Apply, then Close.

You are absolutely correct. Thank you. I had clicked on that “button” (“Press shortcut”), but I did not even notice that a slight color appeared around it to show that it was active. The way things looked, I thought that the typing of the shortcut was to go into the box below that button …
All’s working now as I wanted it to.
Thank you.

By the way, I see there is a convenient way in that same dialog box to see all the current shortcuts (“Print Summary”).
Is there is a way to see …
(1) Combinations that have not been used yet, and
(2) Only user-assigned shortcuts?
I also found it interesting that when I clicked on “Print Summary”, it opens in a browser (with this URL–at least on my machine: http://localhost:53085/dorico/keycommands/), and it includes user-assigned shortcuts also. Neat feature!

Don’t feel bad. I think the wording could be better here. “Click the Press shortcut input field.” could probably be re-worded to something like “Click in the shortcut input field” or something like that. The word “Press” is naturally associated with ‘pressing a button’.

Glad to hear you got it working!

  1. No, there is no way to list the hundreds of possible unused key combinations. You can just pick one, and if it is already in use, Dorico tells you.
  2. You can inspect the keycommands_en.json text file. This is in
    \Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5\ (Windows), or
    /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/ (Mac)
    (In the Finder on Mac hold down the Option key to choose Go > Library from the menu.)

Thank you for that information!