Add Key Signature not working

Hello, I have followed the instructions on how to change a key signature in the middle of a piece, and it’s not working. The piece begins in G major, and I wish to change it to A major at this bar (see attachment). I click on the rest at the beginning of the bar (and or a note), then Shift + k, add an upper case A, but then all it does is add a flat at F sharp. I’ve tried 20 variations on this, but nothing changes the key to A major. Is there a better method than the one described on the website?

I should add that I imported the Music XML out of Cubase. Strangely, Dorico seems to play the notes at the right pitches, but without displaying the key signatures.
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.57.08.png

What’s especially strange is that it seems the notes after the key signature change I want are marked as if the key signature change was there, ie. G natural is marked with a flat, as if the G sharp in an A Major key were there, even though the key change shown is to C major, with a natural on the F (because the original key was G major).

What instruments are you writing for? Are you looking at concert or transposed pitch?

Concert pitch, this is vocal music.

Ah, are any of your instruments using the Lead or Baritone instruments, and did your score start life in 1.0.0 rather than 1.0.10? If so, that might explain it (there was a bug in a few of the instrument definitions in 1.0.0 that we fixed in 1.0.10, but the fix won’t apply to existing projects). If you email me your project I should be able to fix it for you, if you can do without it while I fix it up for you.

Yes, it started in 1.0.0, and to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the instrument categories before. Now I realise how important that is in Dorico. I’ll send the project by prvate message.

Hello Daniel, did you get my PM about the issue? I tried to send the project as a zip in the PM, but it wouldn’t accept the suffix .zip (?). I did make a new support request form today, and sent the zip with it. I need to resolve this, as I’ve already typed most of the lyrics into the project, and it would be hours of work to start it from scratch. Thanks, Brian Burman

Sorry, Brian, I’m horribly behind on emails and PMs. You can email the file to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I will do my best to turn it around quickly for you.