Add "Macro line" buttons Feature on project window and editors windows(maybe MC too?)

as we have hundreds or thousands of commands i think an addition “Macro line” on editors could be useful for ease of finding the right commands for the job and most used ones.
so basically instead of assigning the commands to key commands or controller, it will be possible also to use it on screen (with key command or without).
it should be user customizable for each editor, project window and mix console .
i added a Pic to get the idea(not the best design i admit :upside_down_face:) for the Midi editor, so there is additional line available for commands/macros ,the commands can have editable Short name from the real command name to fit the command/macro button and macros can be added and removed by user to the macro line with preset option too for save and recall

EDIT: just to add and clarify , the on screen macros can use functions , Commands, macros , midi logical editor , logical editor , without them necessary to be assigned to a key

It’s all a matter of opinion, but I don’t think this would be useful. Only a very few buttons out of “thousands” would fit in a reasonable amount of space, and I think it would likely result in needing to reconfigure the buttons time after time. Even with presets it sounds like a drag.

yes maybe, but if the "macro line"can fit 20 commands for every editor, you can still refine what u use most and not depend on one keyboard that used for all commands no matter on what window you work at.
so basically user use the keys for what he is capable to memorize and used too,and he can also use specific ones for each editor on screen for quick access, of course its possible to use for example ipad with steinberg controller app (which is neglected somehow) but its different in many ways


Function request.

A button or several buttons to which you can
assign some macro function.

The buttons can be placed on the toolbar, or
in another visible place.

Thank you.

+1 for a generalised button panel (similar to Studio Panel but global) and user configurable so the user can store favourite functions and commands there, and ideally would open in the right zone or as a floating panel.