Add MasterRig's Dynamic Equalizer as a plugin to Cubase

Dynamic Equalizer plugins aren’t that common so it would be a nice modern addition to have as a stock plugin.

For those wondering about this module from MasterRig:

Why not all “MasterRig”…

MasterRig is intended to be used on the Master bus, where this would be a track effect like Frequency.

It would be nice if all the modules would come over eventually, and maybe even MasterRig itself too.


What happens when you just add the plugindir to Cubase? i remember the sonnox plugins working in Cubase

It shows up in Cubase but it doesn’t work at all. The Sonnox stuff works because they’re just regular VST3 plugins.

Ok, I’ve never tried it with MasterRig. But yes a dynamic EQ might be usefull in the arsenal

Should be in Cubase! :wink:

I’ve asked for a Dynamic EQ for a long time, but I would not want anything from Master Rig… only because I do NOT want any more *balkanization of the UI as happened with Cubase VST32 20 years ago and now with ‘SX’.

If they add a Dynamic EQ? Groovy. But make it UX consistent.

Chris Selim from recommends TDR Nova to use as Dynamic EQ and he is right - this plugin does a lot. AND IT IS FREE! :slight_smile:

Here is his explanation -
Download link is in description of video.

I use it this on a master bus this year and it is great. Of course it would be good to have a similar plugin between stock plugs, but while this position is empty, I use and recommend to others this brilliant plugin.

P.S. I hope I did not exceed the rules of this forum :wink: