Add measures to start of project

In Elements 9.5, want to add 4 measures to the start of a project in order to create a longer intro. Is this possible? I know it is possible in Pro.

All I do for this is to Select All and drag the tracks along a few measures.

Use the Range tool to select the Range you want to insert from, and the number of bars, making sure the range covers all the Tracks (Check on the Info bar at the top that the Range is the right number of bars and all Tracks). Then go to Edit/Range/Insert Silence (Or Ctr/Shift e by default).

BUT, IMHO the procedure spyder suggested is actually quicker. Ctrl-a and drag…

Thanks for the responses- I was unable to create space via Range tool - I can highlight the measures but can’t insert them into the beginning (which is full of music)

Re: drag the entire project, when I select all, what specifically do I click on to drag and how do I keep the project sync’d with measures/beats?

You can just klick your mouse and hold the klick button on one of the selected tracks and just drag. Try and experiment. You can alter the steps you move the events, by changing the grid 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and so on.

The tool you are looking for to ad bars, is project, tempo track (ctrl+t) and in the tempo track window select open bars prosess dialog. It is the icon to the right, in the upper tools bar. Here you can custom how many bars, from where and the whole lot, also remove bars and so on. If you cant find the icon, just right klick on the upper tools bar and ad it to the layout.