'Add Midi Device' for Alesis DM10

I am a newbee on the forum (so I apologize for ineptitude in advance) as well as Cubase and midi, but not to computing.

I have searched extensively for the best way to add a midi device in regards to an Alesis DM10X as unfortunately it is not one of the pre-configured devices in ‘Add Midi Device’ dialog. The short of it is I can’t find an XML file anywhere to import, and have searched the forums and elsewhere with no success and am hoping to avoid a manual configuration process.

The DM10 appears to be able to send the device cfg but the midi implementation chart says it is 'Manufacturer System Exclusive" and not does not appear to be a GM or XG device. I believe Cubase can import from an instrument but here I am hoping I can find some guidance.

Pretty sure I am not the first one to use an Alesis DM10 as a midi device so any help pointing me to the suitable resources would be much appreciated.

Alesis DM10X
Cubase 7.5.20
Steinberg UR44
Windows 7 SP1 x64
Dell Precision M6600

Vladmir - yet another newbee… :slight_smile:

I would be interested too.