Add MIDI track with next MIDI channel?


Is that possible to add new MIDI track with the MIDI channel number increasing, preferably with a shortcut?

E.g. I select the MIDI Track assigned to a VST instrument and channel 5, so I instanty add a new MIDI Track, still assigned to this very same VSTi, but with channel 6, 7, etc.? I am sure Logic did it, but not sure Cubase does…
Duplicate track may be a workaround, but it duplicates all sequences, and does not increase the channel number.


AFAIK, yes and no.
When you add a track routed to for instance “VSTi X” channel 1 and after that add a track routed to channel 2, the 3,4,5 and so on, will be added automatically. But as soon as you insert another “VSTi Y”, you’ll break the chain, and it doesn’t count up X anymore, but starts counting up Y.

You could create a Macro attached to a Key Command that duplicates the track and deletes the events. Like:
Project - Duplicate Tracks
Edit - Select All on Tracks
Edit - Delete

Unfortunately I could not find a Key Command, nor Project Logical Editor rule to change the MIDI channel.
So you still have to change the MIDI channel by hand.

Thanks, I’ll try it!