Add mixer FX channel to playback template?

I use the standard NotePerformer playback template for my projects, but I always add an FX channel strip with some reverb and some insert effects on the master output channel strip. Is it possible to add these FX and routing to the Note Performer playback template so I don’t have to do it every time?

Note: I am NOT using the newer Note Performer Playback Engines.

Hi @lancejabr I believe that specific configurations of FX channels with the sends applied in the other tracks, and the inserts on the master channel in Dorico mixer, can be saved only in a Dorico Template. Being every projects different, I don’t know how the Note Performer Playback Template could save this informations (and decide “on which channel to apply the particular amount of send, and how much send value and from which fx is received” and so on…). But maybe I am wrong…

You’ll need to save your own edited version of the NotePerformer playback template, but in principle this can be done: once you’ve created your own custom NotePerformer playback template, you can set your chosen space template so that your specific FX configuration will be applied.