add multiple ornaments

I would like to add a glissando (all onaments or playing techniques) at once on multiple staffs, but I can’t.
like in this case (see picture) I want 10 but …
of course I can also use “option klic”, but it is still a waste of time to make an arrangement of more than 200 measures …
now possible?


You could use a keyboard binding to copy to staff below (I use alt-shift-M, and alt-shift-N for above, which is consistent with move to staff below/above). Not what you’re asking for, but still way faster than alt-clicking.

Marc thank you for your answer, but sorry I don’t quite understand …

with shift+alt+N nothing happens, with shift+alt+M I get “add mark” …
could you please be a bit detailed or maybe a video?
thank you in advance!

Marc is suggesting you go to Dorico Preferences > Key Commands and map these shortcuts to the Duplicate to Stave Above/Below functions. I happen to use the same shortcuts as Marc for these.

Thanks Leo, that is exactly what I was meaning. Sorry for not answering this faster — busy times here!

oh yeah!!

Marc and Leo, Thank you very much to both of you for your help/tip!!