Add multiple sfz? possible?

Is it possible to add multiple sfz to a passage? for example, if there’s a bunch of chords in the brass, all played sfz, I’d like to be able to select the whole group and enter the sfz once for the whole passage, instead of having to go note by note (or rather, beat by beat.)

You could always keep alt pressed and click your way along through the score!

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If you select multiple instruments at the same rhythmic position and add the dynamics it should work, I believe?

yes, I can do a vertical column of instruments…

but it would be practical to be able to fill a few measures of repeated sfz notes in multiple instruments on multiple beats.

for example, my entire brass section is playing six chords, all marked sfz, I would LIKE to just select the entire section and be able to add that sfz to the entire passage in one go. it would be so much quicker.

Like I do with a passage with accents, or staccato dots.

I understand.
If one has an active passage selection and adds a dynamics, it will be added to the first note object of each staff. It would be nice if one could:

  1. passage select
  2. filter for notes (and adjust filter result, possibly manually)
  3. add dynamic

With the result being that the dynamic is added to each selected note.
With accents and other articulations, you use the Paste Articulations and Slurs function, which I believe you already know of.

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The problem is that in many (most?) cases sfz is an articulation rather than a dynamic, but some folks do use it as a dynamic, which makes its status ambivalent as to where Dorico should have located the mark.

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If you prefer, you can create a SFZ Playing Technique which defaults to below the staff and use it as an articulation.

I DO require playback, so I’d have to see if a sfz articulation (playback technique) would trigger playback with NP4.

Hi @Michel_Edward even if this doesn’t gives you the desired functionality (select and and apply to all notes the sfz), just as a reminder, there is this option in Preferences that allow to load the pointer with the item and “paint” it on the desired notes (without selecting them), as an alternative of using alt+click…