Add new marker in between existing markers

Hey guys,

I find the use of marker tracks very helpful and many times i need to re-enter a marker after markering the entire track.
My question is this - let’s say I added multiple markers, for example 1-25. After inserting these markers, I suddenly want to add a marker between 7 to 8 - What will happen is that Cuabse will add a marker to the desired time, but it will be marker 26.

Is there an option that Cuabse will understand that I want to keep the chronological and numeric orders aligned, so the new marker will get the number 8, and all of the existing markers which are after the new 8 will adjust their number ? (old 8 will be 9, old 10 will be 11, and so on).


Use the Reassign Cycle Marker IDs function in the marker window, please.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 12.59.26