Add new Playing Techniques in Percussion maps

Is there anyway I can add new playing tecniques for a midi note in the percussion maps and link them to a specific notehead and note in the staff?
I’m writing a custom percussion maps for “Addictive Drums 2” and I want the ride bell to be written by default with a different notehead…

Also, Addictive drums 2 has two Ride notes: one played with the tip of the stick (midi note 51) and the other with the shaft of it (midi note 52)…
In this case I’d like them to share same notehead and note in the score

How can I achieve this?

Yes, you have to define the new playing techniques in Engrave > Playing Techniques, by clicking the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘Playback playing techniques’ label on the lower right-hand side. You then have to use this playing technique in your percussion map, and you have to define an appropriate combination of notehead with optional articulation or tremolo strokes in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog.

For a detailed explanation of percussion mapping, you can refer to the Dorico Operation Manual, and you can also try following this explanation.

Thank you

  • I’ve created new Playing Techniques
  • Imported them in a drum kit
  • exported the drum kit as new
  • created a new percussion map for my VST plugin and exported

Now, every time I create a new project I have to import the drum kit and the percussion map, then load Addictive Drums 2 vst plugin and assign it to the relative percussion map…

Is there anyway to set all this by default?

anyway, in the percussion map I’ve set the midi note 39 to play “Closed Soft snare tap” note (which is present in the Addictive Drums 2 map), assigned to a technique I created and then added to the snare n the drum kit I’m using with a round notehead. Dorico tells me “! The appearance for this playing technique is not unique” … because it has the same notehead of the “natural” snare hit…can this be a problem?

I’ve setup other two midi notes a the same way for the ride (low):

  • bell ride cymbal note …set as diamond notehead
  • shaft ride cymbal note …set as X notehead…same as the “natural” cymbal note

Despite my settings all the custom note I set up are being played as high A note (treble cleff) with X notehead and when I playback them, they sound as “Crash Cymbal 1”

all this apply only if input notes by the real time midii recording feature…If I input notes manually everything works fine…

Real time midi recording it’s a killer feature, but still needs a lot of improvements…I’m experiencing a lot of issues with it

The problems with techniques getting out of sync with the onsets of the notes is something we will tackle in due course. Paul’s already given you the hints for how to avoid this for now, namely to not preserve the tiny offsets before/after the beat when live recording.

As for making your defaults available in other projects, the way to do that is to create a playback template that includes your dedicated drum setup. That will then be made available in any project to which you apply your playback template.

Thank you,
The point is that in this case not only is written the wrong notehead, but also the note itself, since regardless what “custom” note and technique I play, Dorico writes always high A note with X notehead, playing crash cymbal…do you think this issue is related to the previous one about the wrong technique played over a note wich implies another technique?
In this case it doesn’t seem to be an “out of sync” problem to me

I also tried the Paul’s workarounds, but in this case they didn’t work

to be clear for instance everytime I play midi note 53 (ride bell), dorico plays and writes midi note 49 (High A in treble cleff) aka Crash Cymbal 1
same with other notes, even the closed hi-hat that I haven’t modified…I play closed hi-hat (midi note 42) but Crash Cymbal 1 is written and played instead

Well, what is defined for note 53 in your percussion map? And do you have a matching instrument defined in your drum kit? If you have a matching instrument, does that instrument also have the appropriate playing technique defined? Everything has to match up, otherwise Dorico has to fill in the gaps and make guesses about what you mean.

note 53 in percussion map is defined as follows:
Name: Ride Bell
Instrument: Ride Cymbal (Low)
Techniques: Ride Bell

Drum Kit:
I modified the original Drum Kit (Full) and then exported as new

There is the matching “Ride Cymbal (Low)” instrument in the drum kit I’m using in which I’ve added the Ride Bell playing technique with Diamond notehead…
I have to mention that on Ride Cimbal (Low) I also have other two playing techniques: Natural (by default) and Ride Shaft (custom)

I play note 53, dorico writes and plays note 49, same with other notes mentioned before

I switched back on the General Midi Percusion map and Halion sonic SE and Dorico behaives in the same weird way

after restart, Dorico works fine again…until I import my drum kit and percussion map

Can you zip up the exported percussion kit and the exported percussion map, and attach them here?

Sure, here you are
drum kit & perc (8.71 KB)

are there any news?

Please don’t bump threads. I’m busy and cannot always look in detail at every problem reported by every user right away. There are thousands of you and only one of me, and my job involves a good deal more than only answering questions on the forum. I’m sorry for the delay in coming back to you, but you don’t need to worry that we have forgotten about your problem.

that’s the main thing, I don’t rush you, I just want to make sure you won’t forget me, and if you say so, I’m good… I won’t bump threads…it’s just that you know, it’s a little frustating as final user…everyone expects a fully functional software when is out, expecially if costs you over 500€ an you have to work with it. by the way I know it’s a hard job and you’re doing your best… so I’ll wait

If you require dedicated technical support, you can submit a ticket via MySteinberg to the appropriate representative. We are here on the forum to help as many customers as we can as quickly as we can, but none of us who spend time answering questions on the forum have technical support roles within the company. I’m the product manager, Ulf manages the audio engine team, Paul, Stefan and András are in the development team, and so on. All of us spend time on the forum to help customers in addition to our primary roles. So please forgive us if we don’t answer quickly enough for you. Other channels of technical support are available for you if you require them.

Again, I don’t rush you, I’ve just asked for some news, don’t take it bad, I don’t want waste your time any further, when you’ll have time to work on this issue, you’ll let me know, I’ll wait or send a ticket to “MySteinberg” in the meanwhile, thank you

Just to provide you an update on this issue: it looks like your custom playing techniques are not being included in the kit definition when it gets exported, so after importing it into a new project, things like your custom “ride bell” technique won’t be there. There’s nothing you can do to work around this yourself at present, except to use the project in which you first defined the kit and the percussion map as a template for future projects.

more than a year passed by, did you guys manage to solve this thing?
To be honest, I’ve stopped using Dorico for a while, it was too frustrating for me to deal with this issue since I write a lot of drums parts… so I’m back to check if anything has improved in the meanwhile in regard…any good news? =)