Add new tracks WITHOUT any clicks

I would love to be able to add any types of tracks without taking my hands of the keyboard. Like you can in Pro Tools.

To use the key command for add track and be able to change type, number, name and as a bonus, output of the new track.

For instrument track it would be nice to choose your instruments as well without clicking in the small window.

I think that’s it. I usually build my template as I go, so to optimise the add track feature would be very helpful.

Thank you!


program a marco. Alt 1 audio, alt 2 midi, alt 3 group etc. Currently alt and numbers above the keyboard are not assigned. Takes 1 minute. It’s in key commands under add track. You can also set it to bring up the general add track dialogue and decide on the type you want.

It should be part of the design. You should be able to do EVERYTHING within cubase with key commands. Mouse should be a optional thing to improve beginners usability.