'Add New Workspace' optional inclusions: MixConsole1 Vis Config, MixConsole2 Vis Config, Project Vis Config, MediaBay directory, etc

Hi, this level of control with workspaces would be a great - workflow - improvement. They are, imo, this missing links with workspaces.

This would obviously also require that the ‘Workspace Organizer’ window gets an expanded editor panel for these inclusions, so that they can be removed or added after the fact of creating a new workspace or needing to modify an already existing one

So, a really good use case example of why I need to be this specific, is this:

-I have a Workspace dedicated to session setup.
-MixConsole 1 is my main “all-in” big bertha console
-MixConsole 2 is my “wild card” console, used for various tasks throughout a project for example, sometimes dedicated to drums and bass guitar channels, or sometimes set to only FX channels.
-MixConsole 3 is always exclusively my input channels I use solely for setting preamp levels/checking AD input levels
-For the “Session Setup” Workspace, i want to switch my wildcard MixConsole 2 to be optimized for setting up cue sends - this entails:
—Activating the ‘Cue Sends’ rack
—View the ‘Cue Sends’ rack
—Selecting a primaries channel Visibility Config i’ve created for setting up cues (Vocals, Bass, Drums, Other Instrumentation sub-group, MainMix Stereo Out)
—And then, there’s all sorts of modifications I could make viewing the Cue Sends and general visibility of the console easier (getting rid of Window utility layouts like ‘EQ Curve’, ‘Channel Overview’, downsizing track pictures, getting rid of all the racks except for ‘Cue Sends’, etc, etc.

The thing is, I would want to undo all the ^above^ once I’m done setting up cues sends, and restore the MixConsole 2 to how I generally like it the rest of the time. It’s too much work to do that all the time obviously… I’ve found a middle ground that I’m using right now, but this level of cutomization would let me utilize more of Cubase instead of having to leave some stuff in MixConsole 2 disabled (I like the ‘EQ curves’ panel for example, but it takes up too much space in some of the Workspaces)


I forgot in the above mockup to add ‘Select All’ / ‘Select None’ buttons for the inclusions

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Another ‘Inclusions’ option for workspaces

should be Tool Bar and Transport setups.

If I shrink my project window for a certain workspace to a point where my regular toolbar does not fit, I should be able to alter the toolbar setup/transport icons and utilities for that workspace!!!