Add-On Switch Deactivates Base Switch Natural /w Note Length Condition


I have encountered something unexpected and am not sure what to make of it. I have an Add-On Switch for “Accents” that is supposed to give a CC4 value of 64 whenever an accent is triggered.

The way I understand Add-On Switches is that this would normally occur on top of whatever the base switch of that particular note is, .e.g. if it is a staccato note, it would be added on to that, etc.

This works fine in the case of staccato, but not when I am trying to trigger a natural base switch with a note length condition. When I remove the accent, it plays the according switch, but as soon as I add the accent, it selects the natural base switch without the note-length condition.

It is not a big issue for me, because I can work around it by only having base switches that include note length conditions, but I still wanted check if this is a bug, and if it is, bring it to awareness.

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(And possibly related… The length% parameter is ignored on combined switches (eg tremolo+legato) while it works on single techniques))