Add-on Switch Weirdness

I have 2 questions about Expression Map Add-on Switches:

  1. Does combining Playback Techniques (“Staccato + Muted”, for example) have no effect with Add-ons, as it does with Base Switches? The combination is accepted in the dialog, but doesn’t change the Playing Technique lane in Key Editor.

  2. Is it not possible to disable Add-ons? Again, it lets you use the checkbox but doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’m getting the hang of Expression Maps, but Add-ons are tricky!

Thanks a lot!

  1. Yes, as things stand in Dorico 4.2, only add-on switches that define a single additional playback technique rather than a combination of two or more playback techniques are evaluated. This is something I think we should change in a future version.

  2. No, as things stand in Dorico 4.2, you cannot disable add-on switches, despite appearances in the dialog. This, I think, is a simple bug that we can certainly fix in the next update. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Ok, thanks! So I wasn’t losing my mind.

FWIW, I greatly encourage implementing combined techniques for add-ons. It could save a lot of time. Unless I misunderstand, since Base Switches are applied uniquely, every time you add an independent condition, the number of switches grows geometrically (or something like that, lessened by exclusions groups, the very helpful switch info you provided, etc.). Add-ons work differently, and one add-on can handle what it takes potentially many base switches to do.

Also, feature tweak request when that is implemented: in the Playing Technique lane box rollover info, please consider distinguishing between combined techniques (using “+”) and lists of techniques (using “,” or something else). So you might have for add-ons, “A, B + C, D”, for example.

And as a noob, I have to compliment you on how active you are here! Many thanks!