Add-on switches not sent to all IRV channels

Add-on switches placed on a staff with IRV must be sent to all IRV channels, but are sent to only one channel.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dorico on Windows 10.
  2. A single staff, 2 voices, one note on each voice.
  3. Use an expression map that sends CC 0, value 1 on some technique. It has to be an Add-on switch, not a Base switch. Apply that technique on the score.
  4. In Play mode, enable IRV for that staff and send each voice to a different channel.
  5. (Probably optional) The staff sends MIDI out via a virtual MIDI cable to a DAW. There, use a MIDI logger to see the CC messages being received. I bet the bug also exists without external MIDI, but what I use is external MIDI.
  6. The log will contain CC 0, value 1 only for the first channel. The second voice/channel is missing that CC message. The graphical representation of the CC data does show the expected CC value for both voices, but the actual MIDI output is missing the CC message in the second channel.

Playing techniques are by their nature per-voice, which is one of the benefits of using independent voices in playback, so that you can have different playing techniques played back by different voices at the same time. If you need the playing technique to apply to both voices, you should create it in both voices (you can hide one of them using the Hidden property if you wish in the full score).

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