Add-on technique changes base technique

I have 3 base techniques for Natural (Natural, Natural < short, Natural >= long) – works great. When I add an Add-on (muted), the base technique doesn’t match the length technique I defined.
E.g., see picture

… exact same notes. With the Add-on in force, the match is wrong (Natural). Without the Add-on in force, the correct base technique is matched (Natural (long)).

Am I missing something obvious?


Can you attach a minimal project with a single instrument and a few notes that reproduces the problem, so we can take a look at the project rather than merely a picture of it?

I just created a test project with ~ 8 measures but it’s 18MB (probably because of the playback template). How can I trim it or will an 18MB attachment go via email?

I just removed the VST but kept the expression map … project attached. (829.4 KB)

If you add length conditions to Natural, I think it solves your problem.

I think it solves your problem.

Sort of… with that change all notes map to Natural (with the new length filters) when in reality, all notes should be Natural (long) – except the 1/4 notes

Yes indeed, you are correct. I missed the “All of” toggle.

I think I’d still like to understand why.

I don’t fully understand how it works, but this way Dorico can only find a single combination of Natural+Muted for any length of note, so there is no doubt which switch to use.

Good enough for me …