Add-on techniques, preview, reset


I have some instrument for which accent/marcato can be done by mixing in a staccato articulation. To do so, I would add Accent and Marcato as add-ons in the expression map. They will move the value of the mix control (CC20 in this case) to the maximum.

But how to return to zero? Should I add a resetting technique? Or is there a way to let the add-on technique (or any other technique) send an ‘exit’ value when the note ends?

Also: it seems to me that add-ons can’t be previewed in the Expression Map edit window. Is it correct?


I think you will need a reset, yes. And yes, I believe you are correct that you cannot currently preview add-on switches in the Expression Maps dialog.

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I see. Well, I’ll plan a strategy for on/off, then.


I usually reset with playing techniques Nat. or Ord. You can always hide them if needed.

I’ve a particular situation, here. It’s a choir, and each note can start with a consonant or a vowel. Consonants are introduced by selecting a syllable and increasing the staccato/consonant part with a CC20.

So, a “natural” sustained note can be either one with a marked consonant, or a less obvious one.

In the end, I think I will not use techniques to accentuate the syllable/staccato part, but just draw it as CC lines.

Or, to keep this type of control always attached to a note, I will create several add-ons with varying degrees of CC20, including one with a value of zero.

What could be an accent or a marcato will be left to Dorico’s automatic volume change. The consonant will follow a different stream than the attack’s dynamics.


Sorry, I’m not familiar with the intricacies of choral setting, so my help is probably not worth much.

You can also set two different add-on : one for vowels with only cc20 to 1 and one for consonants with cc20 to 127, create corresponding techniques and hide them

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