Add parentheses to a passage - how to?


I want to be able to add parentheses symbols, like in Sibelius. How do I achieve this?

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 00.11.50

Many thanks

Try this:

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Thanks Daniel,

How do I import your custom playing technique into my project or into Dorico in general?



Assuming you’re using Dorico Pro, you can do this using the Library Manager.

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Thanks so much @dspreadbury
I’ll look into it right away
Happy holidays to you and to the great Dorico team.

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If you want to use square brackets, then the Vertical Lines with “feet” in the Line Tool also work well for this.

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I tried the solution found here, and while I could use the scale option to increase the size of the right bracket, I couldn’t get it to move into position in engrave mode – also the proportions were all off when I scaled the size up to what I needed it to be.

I can see in the Bravura font that there are numerous correctly proportioned right brackets (parentheses) in the SMuFL set, but I can’t figure out how to access the ones I want to use to put adjacent to the notes I’d like to put them by (in order to created a bracketed/parenthesized phrase)>

I’m perplexed as to why this is so difficult, it would seem that other engraving tools make this rather easy, and it’s a common enough need in music notation?? JW

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Any update on this thread? I have never quite understood how I can find a way to use the brackets (parentheses) in the Bravura font on my actual music here. Does anyone have any ideas about how to make it so that I can place these symbols onto actual notation??

thanks in advance.

Can you be more specific about how library manager can be used to do this? I can see that the Bravura font already contains the symbols I want to use, I just cannot figure out how to get those symbols either into the palettes, or to insert manually and arrange in engraving mode.

Open the project into which you want to import the playing techniques, and open the Library Manager window. Drag the project that contains the playing techniques you want to import onto the drop region in the top right corner of the Library Manager. Now select Playing Techniques under Collections on the left-hand side. Locate the playing techniques that are present in the right-hand list that are not present in the left-hand list, and click the little arrow to mark them for import into the project. Click Apply. You’re done.