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Hello, Sometimes, the bar numbers written everywhere in write mode make the readability of the score a bit cumbersome…
For those who would like to have a lighter presentation, would it be possible to add an option that would allow to have the bar numbers only at the top of the screen? Wouldn’t it be easier to leave the system track always visible?
Or did I miss a checkbox?

View > Bar Numbers > Galley View

So at home, when I uncheck Scrolled View, I no longer see the numbers at all. When I check page view, I see the bar numbers as they will be in the layout, i.e. below my bottom staff… So if I’m working on the woodwinds, I don’t see the numbers of measurement.
So scroll view, I see them everywhere on all systems, and Page view, I only see them if I’m working on the bottom staff…
I would love an option to have the system track always visible. Or at least an unobtrusive ruler with bar numbers only at the top of the screen.


It will stay there until you turn it off, I promise.

Your solution suggests to always see the top staff… If I’m working on the strings, then I don’t see the flutes staff on my screen. And the system track also goes away with the scope of the flutes. So I don’t see her.
See my 2 screenshots…

Set up some filters. Then only the instruments of current interest are shown (and the system track still appears)


I apologize; I understand what you meant now.

I think that ultimately the team intends for galley view to be used for this type of note entry. Then you can always see stave labels and every measure is numbered, regardless. But your request is not unreasonable by any means, even though I’m not sure how it could be implemented.

Makes me think of Excel, where top row (system track) and left column (staff labels) can be “frozen” in place while the rest of the screen moves freely… :joy:

Exactly ! I would love to have this little bit of Excel in Dorico :wink:

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