Add Profile Selection before engine start up

In our studio we have a few users with different profiles - the Profile Manager was a great addition in previous versions. The REALLY annoying thing about it, though, is that, in order to change profile you have to open up Cubase, wait for all the subsystems to load up, then go into the Profile Manager, change the profile, shut down Cubase and start it up again. Please, please, please - it would be so much more convenient if there was an option to pop up a profile switcher before anything else happens (optional, so if you don’t use this, or use it infrequently, it doesn’t pop up every time and it can work exactly as it does now). Presumably, by having this dialog before any other program logic or startup, that would avoid having to close/restart Cubase.

So, add option to show Profile Switcher on startup

  • No (default) : same behaviour as current (restart required after changing profile in Profile Manager)
  • Yes : Run Cubase > Profile List pops up > Select your profile > Continue into Cubase
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