Add Quick Access to Analysing Tools From The Meter Section

Currently to access super vision we need load it on a master or an insert. I think this tool should be easily accessible at any time from within the control room

UPDATE: The way we access the plugins in the control room is not very convinient if your main vie is meter with controll room enabled quick access buttons at the top somevhere or at the bottom will speed up the workflow

Use it on a control room insert?

To fully benefit from the “Cubase workflow”, using templates is hugely recommended.
In your template you can setup Control Room with whatever inserts you like. This flexible way of working benefits a large and diverse user base with different needs. Far from everyone needs Supervision in all their projects.

Indeed. Use the provided method, and learn the Cubase workflow, so your future feature requests can be more related to Cubase usage.

Does it have insert? I have not seen one.

Where are the inserts n control room, I do not see any?



Anything else you want me to google for you? :wink:


Ok, I found the inserts, but honestly that’s another one why there needs to be another special tab underneeth with inserts? If it was in the main section I would have probably seen it. But it still does not make it quickly accessible, I thought of an icon by the meter - like here:

Really, the problem is that you don’t know the program well enough. The speed with which you post requests is amazing, you are either a superfast genius with computers, or you ask for a new feature upon every bump on your learning curve.

Not every feature can be on the top surface of the UI.

If you dig a bit deeper, you might find better ways to do things.


I am just able to quickly find things that are wrong and should be improved.

But they are not objectively wrong.


From the workflow perspective they are as everything is about efficiency and making things work faster and better.

I think you need to stop using your own ignorance as an argument that something is not intuitive or needs fixing in Cubase. I’ve read several of your posts as of late and most of them are non issues and only based in lack of knowledge or misunderstandings. Try spending some time learning and honing your skills instead of posting non issues here.

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I’m sorry, but no. They are you own private observations.

I see someone else is saying the same thing, so I’ll lay out for this chorus.

Common sense is my skill and when I see something that is being done against common sense then you have a post if things are being utilised in wastful unefficient way then there is a issue. Time is precious.

Ok, So what purpose it serves having another insert tab underneeth where there is enough space to have the insert section under main tab?

Again, that’s like keeping your dish soap at the other end of the kitchen and you have to keep walking back and forth when you can just keep it by the sink.


Steve’s 100% right.

Unfortunately I think you’ll quickly find out that quickly adding more and more things to complain about without having even read the manual will get you ignored by people that have better things to do… myself included…


You may be seriously overestimating your own capabilities in this regard.