Add Rack Instrument button...


So, using the Racks, at the top (in the VST Instruments Tab - next to the Media Bay Tab) there is a “Add Track Instrument” button (on top left) and next to it is the “Find Instruments” button. When you scroll through all your Rack and Instrument Tracks in the Rack they are always showing. Where is the “Add Rack Instrument” button that should be next to them? I say should because I feel there should be one. Instead I have to use the scroll bar (or Mouse wheel) and scroll all the way to the top to find the Rack Instruments Tab and then click on it to load a new Rack Instrument.

Yes, I can use the Mouse and right click on the very top VST Instruments tab to bring up a “Add Track or Rack Instrument” but this is yet again another click. These clicks really add up all day. Sorry if I have missed something but I don’t think I have.

Also, have I already mentioned about being able to re-order the Rack Instruments? haha :wink: