Add 'Save As New Project' to the File Menu

I mean, this is just basic computer usage, yet Cubase STILL does not allow for such a basic and common need. Just freakin add it already.

One would expect “Save As” to accomplish the creation of a new project. But it does not.

“Use Back Up Project”, you say? Ok. “Back up” (which is NOT what is desired) your project to a new location. Then, close and reopen Cubase, open the original project, and you get “There is a backup project newer than this one. Do you want to keep this one?” (or similar). Then, respond with “Discard” and find that your original project is now magically gone. Bye bye. So long. Lots of work obliterated.

You don’t “back up” a project when what you are after is creating a new project from an existing one.

Simple logic, man. Basic stuff.

It does. Can you elaborate?

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FWIW I use both “Back Up Project” and “Save As” regularly, and I’ve never had anything like what you’ve described occur. They both do as described in the manual, and I’ve never lost anything as a result.

That aside, as Steve asked: could you elaborate?


“Save As” creates a new .cpr file, but the new .cpr file shares the media Pool with the original .cpr project. I assume you want to create a whole new copy of the project and pool - Audio, Edits, Mixdowns folders, etc. That is what “Back up Project” does - creates a new copy of the whole project folder.

“Back Up” might sound like it compresses the files, but it doesn’t. It’s just creating a copy of the project folder.

@lahatte - your description of “Back Up” - I tried to replicate the “Back up Project” scenario you painted but didn’t get the same result. Your description sounds like the behavior if you have a .bak file that is newer than the .cpr file. I suspect you had cleared out the original project and then closed it without saving, but a .bak file was automatically saved in the interim. Opening that original .cpr at that point would generate that “newer backup” message. “Back up Project” is totally unrelated to the .bak file generating auto-save function.

I think Back Up Project is the most horribly misnamed thing in Cubase. It sounds like it is making a copy of a Project on the side as a precaution for potential problems. But in reality it Creates a new totally independent Project which is based on the current Project.

@lahatte the functionality you want is already there, but very misleadingly named.

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You may be right about Cubase having created a .bak file as the reason I might get a dialog about a later backup existing. I would have to experiment.

What I can tell you is that I have lost projects in the past due to responding with ‘remove backup’. I never remove a backup if prompted.

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I’m a compulsive hoarder when it comes to Cubase files, having lost stuff over the years…

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I don’t even use backup at all. I use “save as” all of the time to do as stated above, make a new copy of the cpr file so that I can move forward in the project.

Outside of Cubase, I make a copy of the entire project file by date. That way if I need to go back in time, I have all of the files I worked on for that day with their untouched audio files. I find this keeps things organized. Disk space not an issue. Of course, this all gets backed up from the recording drive to backups. It also helps to have the sample rate in the project name if you need to work in several sample rates.

Cubase 230601
- Project 1 96k/24
-Project 2 48k/24
Cubase 230605
-Project 1 96k/24
- Project 2 48k/24

Yes, the ability to go back in time is crucial. I wanted a fully automated solution so I don’t have to rely on remembering to manually make dated copies of things, and settled on automated backups of everything in my Cubase project directories via GoodSync onto a Synology NAS, and then running the HyperBackup application on the NAS nightly to give me the ability to go back in time, like so:

Maybe the save as new version command is part of that too.
It attaches a counter at the end of the name of the cpr file.