Add silence to start of multiple files

Recently upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11 from Elements.

I have a project with 50+ audio files (wavs), and I want to add about 800ms of silence to the start of every file.

I know how to do this manually for each individual file. But that’s very laborious.

I’ve created a shortcut preset to insert the required silence at cursor position, so I can do this easily enough on just one file. But is there a way of automating this, as some kind of batch process, whereby I select multiple files and wavelab will insert the silence at the start of every one?

I’ve tried using Multiple File Tab Selection, with all of the files open. I can select all files, but using my keyboard shortcut only inserts the silence in the focussed file, not in any of the others (even though all are selected).

Any ideas? Thanks.

I would check the Batch Processor for a task like this. I don’t know if “Resizer” is the best tool but it looks like it’s a tool that can add 800ms of silence to the start of a file or group of files:

in the Batch processor, under master section plugin’s, in special there is a plugin called silence, where you can add silence at front & rear with whatever amount you need


The autosplit function (control T) can also do this and can work on multiple files.

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Figured it out.