Add snapshots to inserts and Control Room

Please consider adding snapshots to Control Room where with a click you can save inserts, Listen and Metronome states.
So useful for audio and instrument tracks as well.

Don’t those things fall under different categories? In other words, for Control Room you can either save a preset of it and access it in “Audio Connections”, or you can access individual functions using key commands. For inserts there are plugin-chains you can save/load…

yes I know all that, I´m requesting snapshots as Mixer snapshots, to save inserts settings among other control room settings. With a snapshot I can easyly switch different plugin configurations more efficiently than searching for a plugin preset and can include metronome, Listen, stereo/mono, volume settings. And currently, you can´t save Control Room plugin chains.

I’m on Nuendo. How many sets of monitor paths do you get in Cubase? In Nuendo it’s four, so I can set up four separate output chains for monitoring, with their respective plugin setups - and then switch between them using key commands.


I can add 4 monitors but I only have 1 stereo output so I can´t switch between them.

Unless I misunderstand things you can actually think about it differently.

You can set up several monitor paths (in Nuendo) and Control Room doesn’t care what physical outputs they go to. So as you can see my stereo monitoring output uses the same Left/Right physical interface outputs as my 5.1 surround output.

(don’t worry about the names… it’s just odd…)

Then use a different plugin chain for each of the four.

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I can´t do that in Cubase, just one audio out,in Audio Device column I can set my Focusrite in only 1 slot, weird that Nuendo and Cubase have different behaviours…

oh, I´ve found it, google to the rescue…In Preferences there´s an option to disable Exclusive ports for CR.
Now your trick is working! thanks for your help, it´s a nice workaround that suits my needs. Anyway, snapshots would be great.

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