Add staff not working in all cases

Today when I tried to add a staff below an existing staff, nothing happened. (I’ve done this several times in the past and it’s worked fine.) I did a little trial and error and found the following:

  1. The add staff function works in some files but not others.
  2. In the files where it doesn’t work properly, I can get the add staff function to work on the first system of a flow. Oddly, the added staff stops at the end of that first system rather than continuing on to the end of the flow as usual.
  3. I was on the forum yesterday with a question about page overrides caused by adding a graphics frame. I checked to make sure that there were no oddities with the layout today before posting here.
    I’m adding a file in which the add staff function works as it should (Jazz) and one that doesn’t work properly (PopRock Female). I have additional files where this function does not work. 01. PopRock Female.dorico (673.5 KB) 03. J A Z Z.dorico (595.6 KB)
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The difference is the Hide Empty Staves setting here

You have it set to “After first system” in 01. PopRock Female.

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THANKS! I suppose if I’d have thought that through, I’d have eventually come to that.