Add sustain track to an imported midi file

My trusty old Cubase 5 used to show sustain and volume tracks at the bottom when I imported midi files from Finale - now it doesn’t.
Can anybody tell me how to add them (back) in, or otherwise reveal them?
Musicarta Bob

I believe what you are looking for are Controller Lanes in the MIDI Key Editor…?

Hi mlinded

Thanks for this, but where do I find that?

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I just now realized that you’re on Cubase 5. Steinberg does not have manuals older than 7.5 on their site.
It should be similar in all versions however. In the MIDI Key Editor you probably have at least one controller lane showing—by default it would show Velocity.
Somewhere to the left of this controller lane, bottom left of the MIDI Editor window that is, you should find a button to add additional lanes. Perhaps you need to right-click, I can’t remember that far back!

If you still can’t find it, please check the user manual for the version you own or post a screenshot of your MIDI Key Editor and I should be able to guide you from there.

Hi again mlindeb

That’s exactly the problem.

I did have volume and sustain and volume controller lanes by default, but they have disappeared and there is no button to add (additional) lanes. ‘Help’ dropdown doesn’t offer a manual – where’s that gone, now? – and the YouTube videos just say what you do.

Grateful for any help.


You have to be in this window to see the controller lanes and add/remove buttons.

You have to be in the actual editor window to see the controller lanes and add/remove buttons.
This, I now realise, is the key editor (?) window you’ve been talking about all along.
I’ve been very slow, and you’ve been super-patient and helpful.
Cubase controller lanes problem 2 - Musicarta Bob|625x500

No problem! I’m glad you found it in the end.