Add Tablature for only a couple of bars

Hello everyone,

I’m making a simple arrangement for a student ,a leadsheet with chords and there is a small passage of 4 bars with a instrumental passage for which I want to add tablature for the guitar .
Is it possible to add tab for only those 4 bars .
I cannot find it



Welcome back to the forum Werner! I think the only way to achieve this is by having 2 separate players in the same layout, show tablature for just one, and give those 4 bars to that player. If your casting off allows these bars on their own system, you can hide empty systems so “you’d never tell the difference”.

Yes thank you.
At first it didn’t work - hiding empty staves .
When i created a second player the chord symbols were copied to the second player ( strange ?)
After removing the chord symbols i could hide the empty staves.
Is that a bug or is it me ?
When I delete the chord symbols , the chord symbols on the first stave are also deleted ?
When I add them back to the first stave ,the second stave re-appears with chord symbols .

Chord symbols are global items that are shown on a per-player basis, so if you don’t want to show them on the 2nd player’s staves, hide them for that player.

Yes thank you , that does the trick .
Is there another way to add a player for just a couple of bars ?

I don’t think so, unless the few bars could be a separate “chunk” and therefore a separate flow; each flow can have completely different players assigned to them. In your case that doesn’t sound like the best option as these are 4 bars in the middle of an otherwise single piece of music.

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