Add Tempo To Project Window

Hi, can we get the tempo display/control to show up at the top of the project window? I have to keep the floating transport panel open just to see and change the tempo. Most of the transport controls already exist at the top of the project window, so I don’t understand why the tempo is not there as well. It would be really nice, and it can’t be too hard to program in.

I think FL Studio and maybe a lot of other DAW’s have this… it seems like an easy, obvious feature and I’m not sure why it’s not implemented yet.

Can you not add a Tempo track to the arrange page, or open the Tempo editor?

Not if you aren’t using the Tempo Track to control the tempo. You can be just using a fixed tempo and want to see if it sounds better at 90 or 94 BPM.

I think every Transport control should be available in the Project Window. I’d be happy to never open the Transport Panel again - it’s mostly just an awkward sized graphic that gets in the way of stuff I really want to see.

Well, the solution is obvious is it not.

Split, you’re not understanding. I can view and change the tempo just fine. It’s not a control/power issue. It’s an organizational/workflow issue.

Like Raino, I would like to be able to get rid of the floating transport control. It too often gets lost behind plugins or other windows. It would be nice if there was space at the top of the project window for it. (actually there is plenty of space for it there, they just haven’t put it there yet).