Add Tempo track to 'Track Control Settings'

I work with Tempo tracks a lot, and am disappointed that Tempo tracks are not included in the Track Control Settings. As it is, the available controls in the Tempo track column don’t wrap, which means that they are not visible most of the time. When adding tempo markers, I frequently need to change the ‘Ramp/Jump’ parameter frequently. Accessing this requires me to have to open the column partition considerably in order to get to this otherwise hidden parameter. This also has the effect of reducing the project window visibility. :cry:
Also, I frequently use the Bar processing feature for adding or deleting bars (time) from the project. This is only accessible within the dedicated Tempo window. It would be nice if a button for this could also be put in the Track Control. I frequently enlarge the Tempo track, such that I get a better overview of the tempo track parts. This makes for a lot of empty real estate in the Tempo track column. It sure would be very nice if the track controls would wrap, and there is plenty of room to add a bar processing button as well!


I’m not sure what you mean by controls wrapping.

However, my biggest request (don’t know if this relates to the OP or not) would be to have an option so that the position and zoom levels of track view, MIDI edit and tempo edit would stay in sync when traversing those windows. Tempo and dynamics are the primary aspects of expressiveness. I am constantly going back and forth between tempo tweaks and MIDI dynamics tweaks. I’d love to be able to keep everything aligned when doing so.

“Wrapping” refers to the controls changing position as the track column divider is moved in, keeping the controls visible (just like text-wrapping on the Internet). This is how the supported track types normally organize to resizing. The Tempo track is not supported in “track settings”, so it doesn’t wrap. This means that controls on the right side of the Tempo track box get hidden when the divider is moved to the left, instead of moving to stay in the frame. So, in order to access these important controls, the divider has to be moved pretty far to the right in order to expose them for making settings. (Being hidden, it’s possible that one might not even be aware of their existence). If the controls wrapped, as they automatically do with supported track types, all of the controls would remain visible, and these inconvenient extra steps would not be necessary. All I’m asking is for the Tempo track to be included with most of the rest of the track types in the Track Settings dialog, such that it can be organized in the same way, so as to be just as accessible. Very simple request!