Add text/image at the end of a piece

I’m trying to add text/images at the bottom of a piece, as per the uploaded image, but can’t find how to do it. Thanks for any assistance.


Adding text is simple. Use System Text (Shift-X) to enter text for the last note, say, and move it down and along in engrave mode.

You can add images into graphics frames.

Always recommended to read the manuals, and the search function is pretty good.

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Thank you for the quick and helpful response.

Thank you. No way to do it natively without an additional purchase?

What do you mean? You just load any image from your computer. As to what you use to create images, that is entirely up to you.

I meant that I thought MusGlyphs cost $10 but I see now it can be used for free.

You don’t need to use MuseGlyphs to add text or graphics to the last page of a document.

It has other uses, and if you find those helpful, then you might want to show your thanks to the creator in the time honoured way.

You don’t need MusGlyphs. From your example, just a scan of your signature and so on.