Add the ability to assign to a single controller, multiple parameters.

If you are on PC you can use MIDI-OX for free, there is Plogue Bidule to macro control or some other stuff like Lemur with surface control but they are not free.
Now my easier/simple/faster way workaround (not free) is to macro with Remote Control from Blue Cat’s Audio where you can assign up to 64 parameters in a macro control, each parameter have his own range, the ability to inverse, to curve/speed independently…
Not as clear and simple as is should be with a so welcome feature like a macro command in quick control but at least iam able to do what i want.

Oh yes nice suggestion, why not add another logical editor, the “automation control logical editor” within you can assign multiple control destination to one button, within you’ll be able to create complex inter-modulated parameters. Like the range ( 0-127), if you want that your control is linked with your parameter ( control at 64, parameters at 64 ), some booleans operators, and an offset like function, i mean if your parameter is already driven by a range control and set to 80, you can assign another control to adjust the offset positive and/or negative, like +10 offset, so that your controlled will be min 80 and max 90… and maybe a way to link with auto LFO, note to CC midi inserts, curve mapping.

Yes Logical Editor is a powerful tool, i was using it for CC range automation, but i discovert a simple and so much faster way to assign, midi learn and config my CC midi into a macro command for multiple track (midi instrument and FX instrument) in one place. But in fact I still have some problems.

The problem with my last solution is that it need midi to control vst, so if an insert FX have no midi implantation, like my UAD plug (and many other FX Vst) i would not be able to control them in a macro.
Quick Control can easily control those few FX Vst like UAD inside my track but limited only to 1 track at a time, maybe make Quick Control behave like the Logical Editor with the function “Off/Global/Local” would be a good beginning.

Actually iam looking into Generic Remote in Devices setup trying a way to control multiple Insert FX at the same time… But as i see Generic Remote don’t have range CC value except maximum, i fear that i will have a limitation on that side, but iam into it just for few days…

For sure it would be so nice if Steinberg improve their Quick Control into something all in one to macro control for multi track with the ability to edit the range, the curve, etc… because i don’t think that UAD and other company will update their plug with midi control compatible in the near future. And actually, from what i know, only Quick Control can “midi” control them with a single click learn.

Even though I don’t create EDM, I can see this being very useful.

I agree, I’ve been asking this for years now:

Look here:

Click on “2 replies” to see steinberg’s reply. Does this give us hope or is it just another empty promise?


I was gonna open a new topic for this. This is literally the last function that I see Cubase missing as it helps a lot in any heavy sound design task. Steinberg, please look at Reason Combinator, FL Studio Patcher, and of course Ableton Macros control to see how this is already implemented.


We finally got our long awaited sampler and bounce(render) in place. This is the last missing piece of the puzzle.

“HI, this is a good suggestion we will pass it on, thank you!” doesn’t say anything to me … do you really they don’t have an Ableton license to always compare features? Clearly Steinberg must have a full comparison chart between Cubase and other DAWs (Right and Lower Zone is a good example of taking features)

This FR has nothing to do with EDM, it’s just a good feature request that unfortunately has been requested for years and years. Can you change the title to be the FR instead of the silly thing it says now?


True but there is 1 more missing piece of the puzzle: (Having MIDI insert fx in cubase)

(A workaround exists but is ridiculous: Routing midi to a vst instrument, then routing that vst instrument to another vst instrument track. Repeated as many times as how many MIDI-fx plugins you need; so for example Midi Keyboard input to Cthulhu VST instrument to Captain Chord VST instrument to final synth VST instrument for example… it’s super stupid. Steinberg should copy Logic as soon as possible (logic has perfect midi insert slots on all tracks))


Can I resurrect this thread to get more people on board this time, which will hopefully make Steinberg listen? Obviously now we know Cubase 10 doesn’t have this, but they don’t seem to include it in the plan for 10.5 either.

I too would like to resurrect this



Every other major DAW can do this now…

Yeah, missing it a lot now.

I found there to be 4 workarounds to this.

1st is setting up a generic remote to send the same midi message from the same controller to different parameters.

2nd is Bluecat Audio’s Patchwork which is like an effects rack (opened as an effects track in cubase since it’s a vst plugin) where you can make your FX chain and assign a single incoming midi message to different parameters.

3rd is IL’s free Minihost modular using virtual midi cables. A slightly longer way but still works. Longer only because it comes as a standalone and not as a vst, which means virtual midi cables will be needed to send midi from one standalone to the other (Cubase). If this was a Vst, it would have exactly been like Bluecat’s Patchwork.

The 4th option is a touchscreen controller for android/ios called Liine Lemur. The way you can make knobs and fader with this is a whole different world. You can make 3 knobs go up and 4 faders to come down. At different speeds! All with one knob. And this one knob you are rotating can be linked to another knob that is linked to 5 more knobs. So yo get the idea of how modular it is. Just requires basic ‘if this then that’ scripting knowledge for a simple thing like the topic at hand.

1st and the 3rd don’t involve spending :wink:.

Personally, I found Bluecat’s Patchwork to be very handy. SInce one can build up their FX racks and store them for later use. Opens as a vst. Doesnt require one more standalone like the 3rd option. Doesnt require and addition device like the 4th option. And I remember generic remote sometimes used to stop working and found others also facing the same issues at times. So just stuck with Bluecat Patchwork till Steinberg does something about it. We need an FX rack (container) in which different parameters of all the plugins can be mapped to a macro knob inside the container. Just like it is in Ableton. Let me know if anyone needs help setting up any of the above.


Please Steinberg, do something about this. Only quick controls are just not cutting it for music production. Its enough for a purely song mixing job as mixing engineers. Most music making softwares were done a long time ago taking care of this. Let’s not get into how DAW’s are different from Ableton. Because while comparing, one might ask, what should obviously be there in all of them? And this feature is one of those. We need this to sculpt better transitions in an efficient way. And for all other musical adventures we seek :slight_smile:



Cubase is so behind the curve in this regard.

We need multi assignable macros & a range of modulation tools (LFOs with uni/bipolar toggles and user defined shapes & syncable loop points, envelope modulators & step modulators) that can be mapped to any parameter within the DAW or insert slots.

This seems like it would be ridiculously easy to implement, even if these mod sources could only be assigned to modulate quick controls, it’d be a start.

The MIDI inserts are rubbish, clunky to set up & route. This needs to be in Cubase 11 for me to update. It is now long overdue.